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We, as “members” of the Body of Christ, or the Church,
or the House, or the Temple of God, have been told,
to do, and to NOT do a number of things (like
praying for people, helping the poor,
making disciples, and more).

So, please contact us,
to find out, what we have been,
and are, and will be doing, “together.”

And, since God may be asking you,
to accept a leadership position,
in helping His people, to do,
what He has told them to,
do NOT drag your feet,
if you feel the Lord tugging
at your heart, to contact us, and
to get involved, for everyone’s sake.

United we shall “stand” (as Christians)
−− and, unity begins with YOU!

So, if you feel led, please do yourself,
and everyone else a HUGE favor,
and contact us, ASAP.


For More Information

Please Call Today … (855) JESUS-IS … (a 24/7 Voice Mail)


And, may God bless you, and yours, and all of us.
Help us, Lord.  Amen.

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